Prepare yourself to know how to write a comparative essay

Choosing how to write a comparative essay will help students of all age group to be equipped to notably defend their stand for any debate. How to write a comparative essay can even help individuals in their professional life also as writing is the most persistent and persuasive form of communication after speaking. Comparative essay writing requires you to draw comparisons which are also helpful in research writing.

While writing a comparative essay, one must keep the following in mind:

  • For writing a comparative essay good understanding of the topic or the subject is a must.
  • For the sake of maintaining simplicity, introduction and conclusion should be as short as possible.
  • Comparative essay writing requires organizational skills, original ideas and writing skills. Good research helps in complete understanding of the things being compared and makes the task of writing comparison easier.
  • In a comparative essay there is a comparison between two separate objects or ideas which can be real objects like people, places etc or intangible items like events or ideas.
  • While writing a comparative essay you must make clear exactly what objects you are comparing and keep that comparison alive till the end of essay.
  • In a comparative essay it is required to write about both the similarities and differences unlike in contrast essays wherein you only compare the differences.
  • Similarities and differences should be arranged into two different sections in the essay and discussed one after another.
  • Always sketch attention to key similarities and differences whenever possible. More room should be given to the key ideas to develop the essay.
  • Start with the key similarity between the two subjects then move to the detailed focus of the essay. At the end of the preamble, declare your liking or describe the importance of the two subjects.
  • Comparison can be based on two approaches i.e. presenting one subject at a time, drawing a comparison of the key points of both subjects or describing and comparing them together. Both approaches can be equally effective, depending on your skills.
  • Comparing two subjects according to the first approach in a Comparative essay can be advantageous. However, it may not be easy to carry out this approach when you have to deal with 3 or more subjects.
  • Avoid an unbalanced comparison which gives lesser importance to one of the issues over the others as it is considered to be weaker. A weak essay treats unequal texts equally, rather than attempting to appropriately allocate space to the relevant text.
  • In Comparative essay conclusion, first add the main points from comparison and then state the distinctiveness of subject and also present the similarities and differences. Conclusion should simply include a summary of your argument in a new and realistic way so that the readers remember it clearly.
By following the above tips on how to write a comparative essay, your chances of producing a good rank in your class are greatly enhanced.