Real Essay Writing Company Scams

Unfortunately, there are essay companies that are not reputable companies and some of them are actually scams to take the student’s money without supplying the student with a proper essay for the student’s coursework. Some of these fraudulent companies do not even have a 1-800 number to reference. These companies are not trustworthy and should be avoided when seeking to have an essay written by professional writers. Essay companies that the student should avoid are:

            Besides those essay companies which are outright frauds, there are other companies who outsource their work and can’t provide the high quality essays that the student may need. Approximately ninety percent of these companies outsource to India. This outsourcing is not to obtain better and more professional writers, but to save money.

            To safeguard your essay seeking needs, the student or customer must check these companies by ensuring that they provide a billing address on their “contact us” page. One way to guarantee that this is a domestic company is to call that number and ascertain if the respondent has an American accent. If the respondent seems to be a person with English as a second language, the company more than likely outsources their writing professionals.

            Another safeguard to keeping a domestic essay company as your writing source is to make sure they have an email address or a life chat. Having a correct email address or providing live chat is an excellent way of ensuring that you are dealing with a competent company.

            The payforessay essay company only hires American writers. The student can be assured that these writers are not only domestic in origin, but are highly trained and are academically superior to some of those overseas essay company writers. Payforessay is not only available on the Internet, but they have an office that the customer may visit and see whom they are hiring to do their very special coursework. For the very best is essays, payforessay can provide speedy returns on their orders with the highest quality professional writing.