Essay writing is too often considered an awful, dreaded chore.  Others think of the ability to write great essays as a talent, a genetic advantage, and a predisposition beyond the control of any living being.  None of these statements is accurate or even close to reality.  Fact is that virtually anybody can learn how to write an essay and anybody can learn how to write an essay well.  Just like with every other skill we develop, learning how to write a great essay takes time, the right attitude, perseverance, and a good approach.

Do not start with writing essays before you master the basics of your language or the language you intend to write in.  The results and the reactions of others would be extremely disappointing, and could easily destroy your ambition of becoming a great essay writer, when these readers have access to the articles you write before you are ready for such a task.  Learn the basic grammatical rules of the language you intend to write in.  Increase your vocabulary by reading books on many topics.  Do not underestimate the importance of punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.  Sentences that are just ongoing will make your essays confusing.  A constant repeating of the same words will make your essay boring and it will discourage the reader to keep on reading.

Do adequate research on the topic of your essay.  Do not assume that all you have to do is fill the page with a certain number of words that yes or no sound good.  A good essay is the result of good research and of taking all the aspects and the points of view into consideration.  Highlight or make notes of ideas and facts that you feel you should include and eliminate what is irrelevant or not important enough.  Good essay writers do not promote hasty work.  By writing an essay, you deliver a statement to a group of readers.  A good essay writer can convince the readers.  A proficient essay writer knows how to manipulate without sounding manipulative.  Readers who are originally of another mindset or uninterested in the topic can be addressed.  Interest can be instilled by planting a few seeds with well-chosen words in the opening paragraph.  Formulate your argument well and supply a base for what you claim to be true.  Address also everything that can be said contradictory to your opinion, and do this in a way that the reader will see what you see and where you come from.  He needs to come to a certain understanding of why you think that way when it comes to a particular topic.
Essays are very powerful tools and can hold a lot of wisdom.  They can transfer an incredible amount of convincing information from one essay


writer to many readers.  The tone of your essay underlines the statement you are trying to make.  Always compose your essay in a way that the targeted group of readers feels familiar with!  It is pointless to write an essay full of words that require a PhD to understand if your targeted group of readers is high school dropouts and losers.  The same is true when you reverse the situation and try to address a group of doctors, lawyers, and engineers with Sesame Street vocabulary.

Learn the skills that are needed to write really good and informative essays.  Do your research.  Get going on your essay.  The world is hungry for good pieces of writing and that is something modern technology, politics, or anything else will never be able to change.  Make your opinion count.  Bring knowledge to the crowd that is yearning to learn.  Do not wait any longer.  Get going on your essay now.