Sample Resume Layout

A great resume layout is concise, and yet it stands out. Look at the below sample resume layout to see this with yor own eyes. However, it does not stand out too much. Achieving this balance can be very tricky. However, as long as you remember to keep it short, and give all of the necessary information, our sample resume layout will wind up catching the eye of the right people. Tailor your resume to the specific job, but do not try too hard. A resume is a first impression, and if it fails to make an impression, then you will never get the job.

                If you need help designing a layout for your perfect resume, you have come to the right place. Our experts can look over your resume layout , or even help you put one together for the first time. If you wish to put it together on your own, here is a sample resume layout that you can follow:

Full Name
Contact Information
Email/Phone Number

Qualification Highlights
Use this space to briefly list why you are perfect for the job, or any special skills you may have. Remember to be short and to the point!

Work History
List your work history, especially jobs you held for a significant amount of time and jobs that relate to the one for which you are now applying.

List your education, including advanced degrees. If you attended college, just list college (or vocational school). There is no need to list other schools after you have named your college.

Personal References
List two or three people to whom you are not related that can vouch on your behalf. Include their contact information.This completes your resume layout.

                Hopefully this sample resume layout has given you some helpful tips on how to design your perfect resume. If you need further information, or would like a fresh eye to examine your resume layout, please contact one of our experts today!