Writing essays is definitely not a new phenomenon. Just about all intellectuals of the past, in any country of the world where written language was established, have found the knowledge, the skills, and the equipment that were needed to write essays. Throughout the ages, many people have learned how to write a persuasive essay. Only our generation has access to so many resources that help us with our research. All our young people are educated and have access to the written word. This generation is enabled to read and write persuasive essays.
An essay is not a summary of pointless small talk. An essay brings a statement. An essay is a written statement of power. It is a message from the soul and it excludes weakness of any kind. It says to the reader what the writer beliefs to be true and by explaining the matter, the reader is to start sharing that belief. It is important to know how to write a persuasive essay if you want the reader to step over to your side. The reader needs to be convinced and pulled to the side of the writer of the essay. The writer of an essay defends his point of view and persuades his readers with his argumentation. He includes proof that he found by doing research. The one thing you need to know when you start writing an essay is that you have to make it persuasive.
Writing an essay that persuades the reader is combining many skills. A good basic knowledge of the language you are writing in is definitely essential to bring a point across. It is important that all information you are stating is accurate and well written. Leaving out important details will for sure lead to confusion. Confusion leads to absolute disbelief and pushes the reader to the opposite side of the argument. The only thing you really need to know and take into consideration when you write an essay is that it has to be persuasive. The rest just comes along. Confusing essays are not persuasive. Badly written essays are not persuasive. Essays that are extremely boring because of the choice of words and ongoing, never seem to be ending sentences, are not persuasive.  Confusion and a lack of interesting information make even the most avid reader stop reading.

An essay can deliver information to many readers. An essay has the power to make a case or break a case. An essay can bring a candidate to a leadership position or destroy somebody’s political career. An essay can solve a situation or create a problem for many. An essay writing skill is a powerful skill to have. He carries the weapon that can conquer the world:  the written word. It used to come forward with the strike of a pen on a piece a paper. Modern day essays are produced with computer software. A click of a mouse distributes the writing to many potential readers. Never before had so many readers access to the work of an essay writer. Never before was the power of an essay this great!