Teach your students how to write a good essay


When most students are asked, “what is an essay”, they typically consider it as a part of their studies or curriculum.  This is the reason why they are not able to widen their thoughts while writing.  Their thoughts are congested and the information provided in their syllabus restricts their ideas, which is wrong.  When the teachers instruct students about writing an essay, they should make sure that they are instructing the students as per the actual procedure.  Here are some guidelines on writing an essay, which will assist the students. 

Essay writing Rules

Writing an essay is not a task, but it is a part of writing skills where a student is free to express his views about the concept.  Many students take it as a frustrating job that should be completed in any case and so they confine their ideas within the academic syllabus.  To avoid such problems, students can try to pick up a topic about which they have complete knowledge.  A good research can also help them in getting more familiar with the topic.  While writing the essay, the student should be clear with the central idea and the main concept around which the entire essay will revolve.

When he starts writing an essay, he should consider as if the reader, that is, the teacher does not know anything about the topic.  He should assume that now it is his turn to guide the teacher about the topic.  The subject of the essay can be based on anything from describing various cultures to any technical matter, but the most important aspect is to have the complete knowledge on the topic.  Unless the student knows about the topic he would not be able to make the teacher understand, what he is trying to say.

After that, comes the perception.  Perspective is entirely based on the views of the student about the topic.  If his perspective is against the topic, he may write as per his negative notions and if his perspective is positive, he may write according to his positive aspect.  The three sections in an essay, that is, the introduction, body, and the conclusion, all these three phases follow a logical pattern.

How to write an essay?

An essay can be divided into three components namely introduction, body, and conclusion.  These three components are explained below. 

  • Introduction: An opening line should be so impressive that the reader should feel enthusiastic to read further in the essay.  Actually, an opening line decides whether the essay is inspiring or not.  If the first line is dull and dreary, the reader will not read the further line.  The introductory line should reflect the basic idea of the topic.

Body: In the body, a detailed description about the topic must be included.  This detailed description embraces two major elements, that is, why and when for the topic.  These “why and when” are totally dependent on the central idea and these two aspects from


  • The base.  Realistic instances are an easy way to clear your viewpoint and make the reader understand.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion, the writer should incorporate the moral in which he can provide some suggestions.  All the main points that the writer has included in the essay should be summarized in an easy language.  In the end, the information from the detailed paragraphs can be extracted into a single line to make an attractive ending. 

So, if essays are an important part of your application process as well, follow these uncomplicated rules and spellbind the reader with your imaginative ideas.