How to write an essay about The Amount of jobs the Tobacco and Alcohol Industries provide

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How to write an essay about the tobacco and alcohol industries?

For year’s the tobacco and alcohol industry has been providing jobs for US citizens and many countries outside the US.  For every teenager that’s picks up a cigarette the state government has a stake in that teenager.  It not only affects the consumer pocket but it also affects the retirement portfolio of millions of retired veterans and citizens of the United States and citizens of countries around the world.


On November 21st 2008 @ 5:00am CT Consumer “Bob Sullivan” wrote an article which was posted on a BLOG on “MSNBC” He used the expression “David over Goliath” as he explained the increasing tension between the tobacco and alcohol industry. “MSNBC” called it the “The Red Tape Chronicles”.  It explained how fast the tobacco industry was growing and putting Americans in harms way.  As well as the economy, he also explained how 10 years later the tobacco industry was about to “go up in smoke”.
Direct Jobs in the tobacco industry;
155,731 citizens are just “Retail Trade”
212,976 citizens are just “Suppliers”
98,866 citizens are just “Wholesale Trade”
42,260 citizens are just “Manufacturing”
10,510 citizens are just “Tobacco Auction Warehousing & Distribution”
Direct Compensation;
$5,455,908,322 “Suppliers”
$3,793,194,719, “Wholesale Trade”
$2,748,577,218 “Retail Trade”
$2,071,862,721 “Manufacturing”
$929,755,133 “Tobacco Growing”
162,453,922 “Tobacco Auction Warehousing & Distribution”

Total retail dollars from the sale of wine, beer and distilled spirits jumped almost 5% in 1999, from over $108.3 billion in 1998 to more than $113.5 billion last year, with on-premise sales accounting for $57.2 billion of that total. On-premise wine sales grew a hefty 6.4% to approximately $6.8 billion; spirits sales on-premise were up an additional half-billion to $20.1 billion (+2.5%); and beer dollar volume in bars and restaurants was more than $30 billion, up approximately 6.1%.
Direct Jobs in Alcohol Industry;
248,594 citizens are just “Retail Trade”
186,249 citizens are just “Suppliers”
92,785 citizens are just “Wholesale Trade”
38,459 citizens are just “Manufacturing”


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