The Process of Essay Writing

An essay is, generally speaking, a written composition containing an expression of one’s personal opinions or ideas on a subject. The subject is generally provided and the writer has to select and arrange the material. The process of selection and arrangement must always be complete before an essay can be written. A college essay should require the below steps in creating a great essay.

Collection of material: The first task is to collect the material. The best way to begin is to write down, in the form of notes, all the ideas on the given subject. Brainstorming is the best option to start thinking and getting ideas. Once several ideas are collected, take stock of them. Leave the ideas, which are not really important and interesting. Take care of the fact that no idea is repeated.

Arrangement of material: The next step is to arrange the ideas and facts in a logical order according to a definite plan. A clear and interesting essay cannot be written without a well-arranged plan. All the ideas fall into divisions called paragraphs.

Outline: Before beginning to write an essay, a brief outline of main headings must be made. Ideas collected are arranged under this outline. This way the ideas, which are not necessary, can be excluded. Ensure that the idea really belongs to the heading under which it is placed.

Paragraphs: Divide the essay into paragraphs. Each heading and the ideas under it can be considered to form a paragraph. The paragraphs must be related to each other. This means that the sentences or ideas in paragraphs must flow logically from one to the other. Ensure that details appear at the right places. The following must be kept in mind while forming paragraphs:

  • A paragraph must explain only one heading.
  • Paragraphs should be of varied lengths i.e. the essay must contain both long and short paragraphs.
  • The first and last sentences of a paragraph must be carefully and attractively written as they attract most attention.
  • There must be a logical sequence of thought in each paragraph. All ideas should be connected with the leading idea. They should be arranged according to their importance or order.
  • There should be a suitable connection between the paragraphs.


In the process of essay writing, the essay is mainly divided into three parts.

  1. Introduction- The introduction consists of a definition or explanation of the title. In a short essay, it should be very brief and not bigger than the body of the essay. It generally consists of a very short paragraph and should alwaysbeinteresting. Sometimes, it consists of a brief story or a general remark relating to the given subject.
  2. The body of the essay- this is the main part of the essay. It consists of the facts, illustrations, and reflections of the writer on the given subject. Here the outline must be closely followed. Paragraphs form the main part of the body. Paragraphs must be well constructed in the body of the essay. A proper connection must be maintained between the paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion- The essay should not end abruptly. The ending of the essay must be short and striking.


Once the writer has used such methods of writing, the essay shall be the best-written material by him. Now you definitely know how to write a persuasive essay fromreading this. For more information, searching online for several writing companies can help solve this issue as they can guide effectively on how to write.