What Your English Teacher Forgot To Tell You About Good Essays

You might have an idea how important your English teacher.  Your teacher is a great resource to receive some free essay writing tips. Isn’t it? This brings up an idea within you that all that is taught by her is the best and just observing those points can help you finish a wonderful essay.  However, this does not prove to be always true as there are many things, which your teacher might have forgotten to tell you about writing great essays.

You cannot rely solely on the teacher’s style of writing and that this style of writing is the best.  The most important thing is you need to think for yourself and sort out the bad from the good.  You might have seen many teachers favoring just the top students or those students who are simply good in writing and reading.  So to reduce there work loads they only concentrate on the exceptional student not on the weaker students.  Therefore, you may feel that you are not being taught everything there is to know about writing an essay.

Usually what English teachers ask you to write about would be about an exciting day or a vacation to any destination and all the fun you had at that place.  She never ever stops to think that not all students might have such experiences to write about, so what this teacher is actually doing is making you write a good essay out of your imagination.  This would certainly lead to ditching of all the things taught earlier due to complete frustration and guiltiness.

The expert writers keep telling people to writing with your heart and head and not by thinking about the world outside.  If you have that skill within you, the entire thing will turn out to be mesmerizing at the end without doubt! Just try and you will learn this is very true.

The entire essay turns out to be wonderful when you write it whole heartedly and of course when you are in the real mood of writing and not just writing for namesake. The most important thing your English teacher forgot to tell you would be enjoying what you are writing.  Especially when your trying to figure out how to write a comparative essay.  Do not become so concerned with in the rules of writing proper English that you forget the purpose of writing.  Writing should bring the words written on the pages to life.  If you were to sit freely and write with complete interest and whole heartedness without many restrictions, you are sure to come up with something new and exciting.  There is no doubt you must try it once to understand the importance of writing with your head and heart.  Something, which you must start to work on, as it is the success secret behind every writer.