Write My Essay On A Comparative Essay


Comparative essays which are also referred to as compare and contrast essays and comparative analysis paper are one of the most common types of essays that you can find in the academe.  Its main purpose is to bring out the similarities as well as the difference between two subjects, ideas or theories.  To write my essay properly, extra care must be done in choosing the topics to analyze.  It is important that there should be something significantly similar or different about the two topics to compare and/or contrast. 

Before comparing or contrasting items, it is essential to get as much data as possible regarding the topics.  Appropriate research must be done in order to provide a balanced discussion.   Reading comparative analysis from other authors may give insights regarding the topic.  It will also provide a great way to learn about the style of writing employed.  In addition, the thesis for my essay must be clear so that I will be able to direct focus on it.  Likewise, there should be ample data to support my thesis.

Like any other writing compositions, it follows the basic structure.  There should be an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. 

The introduction presents the subject of the paper.  Let us suppose that my essay is about the causes of World War 1 and World War 2.  Also, I may raise the thesis that the world wars were motivated by need for land and dominance.  The topic and thesis must be clearly stated in this section as this will set the expectation of the readers for the subsequent paragraphs. 

Unlike the introduction which is concise and straight forward, the main body of a comparative paper must hold substantial information.  There must be enough information about World War 1 and World War 2.  Data on how these wars begun is essential.  Too few and there’s a risk lack of substance, but too much might make the readers uninterested.   A comparative essay is not merely a litany of similarities and differences of the subjects.  For a better thought progression, a discussion in each paragraph about the mitigating factors that led to these wars is needed.  Having a paragraph for each point is a good way to write my essay.  A well-written paper is one that provides a balance of information. 

The conclusion on the other hand provides the reader with a summary, thoughts and opinions.  Placing new information in this section is a common mistake.  Moreover, restating in detail information meant for the main body is equally erroneous.  The thesis that world wars started due to need for land and dominance must be substantiated.  Conclusions must be concise and must be properly substantiated. 

To write my essay in a comparative style just like the one on World War 2 will provide an opportunity to share my opinions.  It is an excellent way to scrutinize both sides of an issue or put subjects side by side for a closer look.  Weighing every aspect will be easier as information is systematically tackled.  Indeed, comparative essays are great and powerful academic tools.