Write an essay on the Vietnam War


Writing a historical essay is not too easy, but it should not be too difficult either.  Just as long as you follow some basic guidelines on how to write an essay, you will never go wrong. Keep in mind that a good historical essay is more than just showing a list of facts and stating your opinions. The best historical essays combine a clear understanding of the facts along with the writer’s critical analysis. The purpose of this article is to provide the writer simple guidelines in writing a historical essay using a specific topic, the highly controversial Vietnam War, as an example or when a person says "write my essay" you will be able to write your won essay.

After researching on the basics of your specific topic, the Vietnam War, take some time to find a narrower topic for your thesis statement. Make sure the question is clear and concise. Let’s say for example you came up with the critical question “How come the United States got involved in the Vietnam War?” You can now start listing the basic facts pertaining to this question. After listing the facts, you can create a clear statement that states the purpose of your essay and shows your position.

Let’s take a quick look at some basic guidelines on how to write an essay. First, start analyzing the question. Without a clear understanding of your question, you will not succeed in coming up with clear answers. The next task is to pool information about the causes of the Vietnam War and “Why” the US got involved in it. Write all the important facts you know about the Vietnam War and organize them.

Now it’s time to develop your thesis statement. Remember that your thesis takes a stand and makes an assertion that other people could disagree with. Let’s say you came up with the statement “The United States’ military intervention in Vietnam was not to stop Communism in Southeast Asia, but to advance its political power”. This is what we call your “claim” statement. You can use this formula to construct your thesis: (a) A Concessive clause (Although the US…) that concedes an issue. (b) the main clause that you will prove and support, and (c) the “because” clause where you will summarize your supporting arguments.  

Write the introduction. Make sure to include important information like the time and place of the Vietnam War, chronology and key terms (the Viet Minh, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident). Make sure to include your statement with the facts.

Write the body of the sentence and supporting paragraphs. Prove your arguments by providing actual information and evidence such as facts and figures or authority (history experts). After this, you can now write a clear conclusion that focuses on your thesis. Don’t forget to proof your work and make sure all the parts of your essay agree and flow smoothly. It takes focus and good analysis to write my essay that is clear and engaging. Good luck on your writing, and don’t forget to have fun.