Write A Cool Essay Today!!!

For many people essay writing is an interesting subject but there are some rules and regulations, which you must follow in order to make your essay attention grabbing. For this you need some tips and huge research and knowledge too. Though you have all these things, you are not completely able to write a cool essay when you do not know how to write a comparative essay.

Here are some ideas given which can help you to write a cool essay. Please go through them.

  • The very first thing is your topic. You should select the subject or topic about which you must have a little idea so that you can write an informative essay. Even the topic should be such that you can easily get the perfect research for your essay.


  • Limitations. You need to be clear about the length of your essay or you can say how many words you want to write. Make sure that all the important subtopics or the points are covered.
  • Format. To give a speech on a particular topic and to write an essay on that topic both are different things. You must have a very good format with an introductory paragraph, body of essay, and a paragraph for conclusion. This can make your essay readable and attractive too.


  • Research and your knowledge. The sources are numerous for any topic as it is the Internet age. Therefore, you need to be careful while finding the research for your topic. You need to be clear about what you want to write and so just get into the research, which can complete your requirements. For this you need to have enough knowledge about the topic.
  • Flow of content. While writing an essay, you need to keep one thing in your mind that is you are not the only one who is going to read it. Many people will read your essay and so it should be meaningful. The repetition of any sentence should be avoided. In addition, do not make any topic too lengthy.


To write a good essay you need to follow all these things. So if you have gone through this, then what are you waiting for. Now choose any topic for today’s essay. Collect the proper research for the topic. As it is discussed, you can get it from the Internet and from books and magazines also. Then also write a note what you know about the topic.

Now read the research thoroughly and start an introductory paragraph, which contains an overview of the subject then a short paragraph (introductory too) for your essay. Now you need to write the body with proper flow of content. If you have written it then write a conclusion about your essay and the topic. Now you need to give a simple but catchy title to your essay based on the topic and content of your essay.

Well what do you know? You have just completed a cool and good essay for today.