Frequently Asked Questions

What is the essay writing process?

Essay writing should be a fun and educational experience. You should pick out a topic that is best fit for you, no one else. After your essay topic is picked and all instructions are sent to us. We have all our writers get a chance to look at your essay instructions to find out which writer is best fit for your needs. After this amazing process your essay is started. Much time and research will go into your order at the beginning stages of your essay. After which, the writer will then start writing a outline. After the outline the writer will go into the main components of the essay. After your essay is complete we assign it to a professional proof reader to double check grammar and spelling errors. After The proof reader approves your order, we then send it off to our proof reading manager to approve of the order. Once approved from the proof reading manager your essay is then emailed to your email address.

How do I start my introduction?

Starting a introduction can be as complicated as you want it to be. We recommend you keep it SIMPLE. We recommend you start your introduction with an attention grabber. This statement should be a fact, opinion, or quote. This is the very first sentence of your essay. Then you should go into the 3 sub topics of your essay. Then finally end your introduction.

How do I write a conclusion?

A conclusion is very similar to the introduction. Go over the main topics of your essay located in the body of the essay. You need to restate your thesis statement and prove it in the beginning of the conclusion. Once you have proved your thesis. Writing a essay is very similar to writing a proper speech. During the end of the conclusion you should ask the reader to do something related to your main topic. This process is call a call to action. After the call to action end your conclusion with a tagline. A tagline is very similar to the introduction attention grabber statement.

Are these essays 100% written from scratch or copied?

All of our essays are professionally written from scratch after you place your order. All of our essay writers are educated in English and many other areas of expertise for whatever type of essay you require. Plus, all of our writers have bachelor degree’s or higher. So, you can be assured your essay will be professionally written and exceed your expectations.

What is

We scan all the essays we create through, which scans the entire internet to make sure all the information in your essay is 100% unique.

How do I write an outline

An outline gives the basic ideas that are contained within the paper, in a brief summary that takes up one page.

Do all essays need a reference page?

Yes, it is always best to include a reference page, just to be safe.

What is a reference page?

A reference page is the bibliography page of an APA format essay.  If the essay is written in MLA format, the bibliography page would be called a Works Cited page.

What is a bibliography page?

A bibliography page is included with every essay, unless the professor states that it is not needed.  The bibliography page lists every source that has been used to write the essay. This page is located at the end of every essay. This page should be labeled at the top with the appropriate heading “references” if APA format or “works cited” if MLA format.

What is an in-text citation?

Any time that you use material from a book website or article, you must cite that source with an in-text citation, in the paper.  It is not enough to list the source on the reference page; you must also cite it at the point it is used within the paper itself.  Please go to our essay format page to find instructions on how to do in-text citations properly for each citation style. We have examples of APA and MLA citation formats for books and websites there, for your use.

How long should a basic essay be?

The rubric that your professor gives you state how many pages the essay should contain.  Basic essays may range from 1.5 pages to 10 pages.

What is this site for?

This site is for teaching students how to write essays and to provide them with a unique fast essay writing service that is affordable to the everyday student. Using this site can help you learn how to write an essay that will blow your professor’s mind away.

Will my essay have resources?

Yes, all essays we create are written with research and citations for FREE! If you need help with formatting your essays please view our essay formatting guide to help you. You can learn all the essay formats viewing that page.