Research Paper Conclusion

The research paper is the staple of all college careers. Most students go to college to get a degree, and very few of those students take an active interesting in writing, especially writing papers. However, in nearly every college there is one class dedicated to teaching the student how to write, and the barometer by which writing talent is measured is almost always the research paper. Nearly every college student will have to write at least one research paper, and no student ever truly enjoys this process. However, professors usually find it is the best way of evaluating a student's ability to write, form an argument, and compile research. Although it can be dull, it is a great way to analyze a student's ability.

                Writing a research paper is no simply task, but the most difficult thing for many students is writing the research paper conclusion. This is the last section of the research paper, and it must walk the fine line between summary and final argument. The conclusion should not simply be a place to repeat things mentioned in the paper, but a place where the final thoughts are presented and the overall argument is solidified. Certainly main points will be summarized, and the big arguments and ideas should be restated, but it is important to not use this section for repetition. A great research paper will also conclude with a great research paper conclusion.

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