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Herein are the terms and conditions for use of Pay For Essay Inc. Do not use Pay For Essay if you do not agree with all terms and conditions listed here.

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Pay For Essay intends to use this particular website to provide visitors and customers with available communication as well as knowledge and information pertaining to our services. A detailed description of the information we retain from customers and visitors can be found in our privacy policy section.

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Within these terms and conditions:

 “You”, “customer”, “visitor”, and “user” mean the persons who either visit this site and interact with it in some way, or engage in business with Pay For Essay.

“Conditions” means all of the terms and conditions listed here, as well as any other terms and conditions between payforessay.com and customers.
“Services” and “product” refers to the services offered by payforessay.com in the form of written documents. These written documents include but are not limited to articles, papers, essays, presentations and any other documents paid for by customers.

“Website”, “payforessay.com”, “we” and “us” mean www.payforessay.com.
“Pay For Essay may refer to the website itself or the freelance writers who produce the documents.
By purchasing products or services from Pay For Essay you agree to the following:

1. Pay For Essay provides interested visitors with information relating to our services and to the process of writing academic papers. This information is free to view on Pay For Essay although it may not be copied for private or commercial use. This information is for reference and education only. This information includes help on writing essays, guides on the formatting of papers, as well as examples of essays that have been written by Pay For Essay. These example essays are the property of Pay For Essay under copyright and may not be copied for private use.

2. This website has been created to provide customers with original documents including those academic in nature. These documents are drafted by independent contractors, and all the rights of ownership are transferred to the customer. Pay For Essay does not retain any copyrights, nor do the independent contractors who draft them. All products and services sold by Pay For Essay become the intellectual property of the customer.

3. Other services include revising and proofreading of documents provided by customers. This entails review of and possibly rewriting of documents. Changes will be made in accordance with the requests and desires of the customer. All rights are retained by the customer.

4. Every document that is written by Pay For Essay is run through Copyscape (copyscape.com.). This program scans the document for any instances of plagiarism and if any are found, the document will be revised and made clear of any plagiarism before being turned in to the customer. If plagiarism is found by the customer, the paper will be revised accordingly. This does not include properly cited works or quoted references.

5. If you follow any links from Pay For Essay, the terms and conditions offered by Pay For Essay will not apply there. We do not hold any liability for those websites. This applies to all agreements between the customer and Pay For Essay.

6. Pay For Essay accepts no responsibility for any sort of damage that may occur as the result of the use of our website or its services.

7. For an explanation of how we use information from users, read our privacy policy.

8. Pay for essay reserves the right to change any and all content on the website at any time, without prior notice. This includes these terms and conditions, and it is the responsibility of the customer to review these terms and conditions for changes.