All Types Of Essays

The first step to writing an essay is to understand what you are trying to address by writing the essay. Next, you must do the research and learn about the topic at hand. When you have enough information it is time to create an outline, which is a sort of plan for all the points you would like to hit. The actual writing involves the intro, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. All of these must connect well in order to have a solid essay.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay
The purpose of a persuasive essay is simply to persuade the reader to agree with the author’s thesis. It is also known as an argumentative essay and a good persuasive essay utilizes solid reasoning and logic to demonstrate that the author’s point is better than another point which is being argued against. The author must choose and research their position, understand the audience, and form an essay around facts and a decisive argument of which the conclusion will deftly point out.

How To Write A Comparative Essay
A comparative essay is somewhat like a persuasive essay only in that you are comparing two different opinions or points. Research is crucial to this kind of essay because you must be able to fully understand all of the subjects that you are comparing. There is room for variation in the structure of a comparative essay. Paragraphs can include points that apply to all things being compared, or each paragraph can cover a different point. The conclusion should point out the strongest and most important aspects of the things being compared, and provide a strong personal statement on the issue as a whole.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay
A descriptive essay differs from other essays in that it relies on subjective experience of the author to describe something and does not rely so heavily on factual and objective information to get its point across. A descriptive essay could be about a person, a place, or any sort of personal experience. The author should make use of as many of his or her senses as possible in describing things, as opposed to simply explaining them. The conclusion should tie everything together and bring the reader to the central focus of the paper.

How To Write A Narrative Essay
A narrative essay is unique in that it in many ways tells a story, a story from the writer’s perspective. Details in a narrative essay must be rich and vivid. The most effective narrative essays are the ones that envelope the reader in a full sensory experience in the mind’s eye. Narrative essays must set up a plot and characters and a story line which comes to a meaningful climax as well as a good ending. Detail is extremely important and it is how well detail is utilized that makes a good narrative essay.

How To Write An Evaluation Essay
The purpose of an evaluation essay is to make a value judgment of something in a way that exposes the reader to a new point of view, one which they may even be urged to agree with. Research is important to this essay because the reader must have enough information about the topic for the point of the author to be valid. In most cases the evaluation should be impartial and use sound arguments to detail the author’s judgment. The judgment is everything to an evaluation essay, its thesis and its conclusion.

How Tto Write A Comparison Essay
A comparison essay is one in which you compare or contrast the subject of your essay. It is important to know which of these are you doing, if you are comparing something you are showing how it is similar to something, and if you are contrasting something you are showing how it is different. There are essentially two different ways to structure this essay. Block format as it is known goes through one point at a time in every paragraph, while alternating arrangement alternates between the two points in each paragraph.

How To Write A Research Paper
A research paper is the culmination of studying and making observations on a given topic, and using hard evidence and factual information gained from your research to find decisive results. It is important to have a view on the topic that is uniquely yours, and to offer something new and interesting that is also based on sound information that holds up well. That is why research is key and because of the large amount of sources you will be using it is important to make sure you cite every source you use properly. The conclusion should deliver results of your research.