Essay Writing Services

Are you worried about the deadline for a paper that is coming up? Our writing services provide academic experts that are available around the clock to work on your projects.  Our professional academic writing service is guaranteed 100% plagiarism-free.  Since our American experts have all received degrees from prestigious universities, we can satisfy the most rigorous academic specifications.

Essay Writing

Are you struggling with a deadline coming up, or a very difficult topic?  Are you running out of time?  Has your professor returned a paper to you, with instructions to rewrite it in order to pass? We have experienced professional American academic writers standing by to help you.  Each of our writers has graduated with a degree from a top college, and each is an expert in their field.  We have helped thousands of students produce papers for college, even at the graduate level.  If you need a custom-written, non-plagiarized paper, you can rely on us. 

Proofreading Services

Our professional writers can proof read your essays and work for half the cost of our normal writing services. Simply go through our order process and attach your paper and check out with half the page amount to get started. Our American writers have BA's and MA's so we can easily make your essay into A material.

Persuasive Essay Writing / Editing Services

Our talented academic writers can write a persuasive essay for you within the time that you specify.  Your persuasive essay will be written to the exact requirements that your professor has given in the rubric for the assignment.  A persuasive essay is written with the purpose of convincing the reader of the value of a stated opinion.  The opinion is stated, then backed up through a written argument that is supported by thorough research.  A persuasive essay is different from a standard essay because it has the purpose of forming an opinion in the mind of the reader.

Comparative Essay Writing

Our academic writers have spent years working on comparative essays, in addition to other kinds of academic papers.  We can help you with any comparative essay that you may need, even on short notice, since our writers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A comparative essay is different from a standard essay since it is designed to compare two different ideas, books, articles, theories, or other work.  The challenge in writing a comparative essay is to understand each completely, then explain the ways in which they are related.

Research Paper Editing

A research paper is the most complex type of essay that you will ever have to write.  The process involves extensive research to exact specifications.  Our expert writers can create a research paper of the best academic quality.  If you prefer, you may use the research paper that we provide as a template.   Our experts can also rewrite or edit a research paper that you have already completed.  All work is guaranteed to be 100% free of plagiarism. We know every citation format, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian or any other format you require. 

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay gives the student a chance to talk personally.  It is the only kind of essay where the student can use the word “I” within academic writing.  Our academic experts can assist you with a narrative essay that will earn a good grade.  We have years of experience in assisting students to write narrative essays when time is running out to finish.  You will be matched with an academic writer with expertise in the field you require.  Many students come to us throughout their degree programs, over and over again, in order to receive the help they need.
Comparison Essay 

A comparison essay is different from a standard essay, since it requires the student to compare and then contrast, two different ideas, or works.  The challenge in writing a comparison essay is to find the similarities, and then the differences, between the two.  If you need help writing a comparison essay, our experts are ready to help, even on short notice. We take writing seriously, and you can trust our guarantee that all quality text is written by a professional American writer; and that all text is 100% non-plagiarized.